Growing Targeted Areas through PDAs

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Public Development Authorities, or PDAs, were created to help facilitate or grow economic opportunities in targeted areas throughout Spokane and are the foundation of the City's economic strategy.


As each PDA is run independently by an Executive Director and all-volunteer Board, they allow for a type of community participation in projects which may otherwise be restricted by the structure of City government.


On November 20th, the PDA Executive Directors and Board Chairs, as well as the Spokane County Commissioners, joined me as I signed into law the reformation and restructuring of the PDAs to ensure the important joint work being done by the City, County, and neighborhood leaders will continue.


Northeast PDA: David Guthrie, Executive Director

The YARD, what the targeted location served by the Northeast PDA is known as, is part of the rich history of industry and rail transportation in the region. Today, development opportunities thrive in this Qualified Opportunity Zone.


University District PDA: Lars Gilberts, CEO

Located east of Spokane’s Downtown, the District's organizing goal is to leverage the area’s unique connectivity to create shared community wellness and vibrancy by developing the infrastructure and programming that enable a globally-recognized hub of education, innovation, research, and health care.


West Plains/Airport Area PDA: Todd Coleman, Executive Director

The West Plains Airport Area PDA was created in July 2017 through a joint partnership with the City of Spokane, Spokane County and Spokane International Airport for the purpose of growing economic prosperity in the West Plains region.