Sen Andy Billig always welcomes Spokane constituents to Capitol

Monday, January 27, 2020

Visitors from Community Colleges of Spokane included, from left, Heather McKenzie (Director of Student Funded Programs), Sarah Knowles (ASB Finance Director), Dr. Kimberlee Messina (SFCC President), Sarah Torres (ASB President), and Dr. Christine Johnson (CCS Chancellor).

From Sen. Andy Billig's email newsletter:

Even though I’m in Olympia for the 60-day session, last week felt a lot like being at home! I’ve been able to visit with many Spokane constituents who have come to the Capitol to share their legislative priorities and personal stories.

We met with community college students, teachers, social workers, school superintendents, business leaders, architects, elementary school students and many more. Many visitors comment on the grandeur of the office of the Senate Majority Leader, but I always remind them that I’m just borrowing this place – that the office really belongs to the people of Washington state. Please let us know if you are coming to Olympia…we’d love to have you stop by to say hello.


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