STCU, No-Li Brewhouse and others launch Spokane Food Fighters for those in need

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spokane Food Fighters is a grassroots effort that believes if given the opportunity, people will join in the FIGHT to end hunger a meal or two at a time. In unprecedented times when problems seem overwhelming and solutions seem too big to get your arms around, Spokane Food Fighters is here. In the oncoming days there will be more people than ever struggling with food insecurity. Spokane Food Fighters is for next day emergency meal needs for those who have not been able to be helped through channels like their school district, food pantries, 2nd Harvest or Meals on Wheels. 

Our first meal deliveries began 3/22/20 serving a maximum of 35 households to start. Please see our FAQ for details. As with any new program, we’ll have hiccups and we thank you for your patience and cooperation while we work out the bugs. Whether five households, 35 households or more are fed, Spokane Food Fighters are committed to doing something to help. Food nourishes the body, and we believe helping out in Spokane in these times will nourish the soul. We feel the need – the need to feed! If you do too, we hope you will help where you can and let’s see what we can do Together!