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Monday, November 9, 2020

Hello UD colleagues and neighbors,

You might enjoy this new e-newsletter by Luke Baumgarten, a local community advocate, spirited communicator, and all-around good fellow!


Spokane is at a pivotal moment.

We need tough, open-hearted conversations and analysis to expand what we all think is possible in this place we love.

Hey, I'm Luke Baumgarten

I’ve lived in Spokane County almost my entire life, and I’ve dedicated my career to making it better.

I told our stories for nearly a decade as a writer and editor at the Inlander, and when my friends and I noticed our most creative peers moving away, we founded Terrain to grow community and help people build a creative life here. I’ve helped launch other things since — Treatment Creative, Fellow Coworking, and Feast World Kitchen among others — each an attempt to help people and solve local problems.

Now, I'm returning to journalism

I believe we need to push the envelope of what’s possible and start building a better world right here, right now.

Spokane is changing faster than I think most of us ever imagined it could. The choices we make today will impact the region for generations.

I’m not trying to replace the Inlander, the Spokesman or (as much as I’d like to) anything on AM radio.

RANGE is a supplement to the great reporting done in local newsrooms and an anti-venom for the reactionary poison spewed on editorial pages and certain slices of the radio and tv dial.

Join the community. Let’s go make some trouble.