Spokane’s Sustainability Action Subcommittee (SAS) drafts plan to ensure better future for city - submit your feedback

Friday, April 9, 2021

The Sustainability Action Subcommittee (SAS) is a group of appointed volunteer community members who care about the greater Spokane community and want to see it thrive. City Council created the SAS in early 2019 in order to focus on issues surrounding climate change and its effects on Spokane and the region. SAS is tasked to research solutions the City and its residents can take to both mitigate our contribution to climate change and help make our community more resilient in the face of these changes. We are fortunate to call the Inland Northwest our home, which is why we are working to prepare Spokane for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Download the SAS Overview

The draft City of Spokane Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) is now available for public review and feedback! The Sustainability Action Subcommittee has spent the past two years drafting this proposed update to the city’s 2009 Sustainability Action Plan. The SAS proposal takes a holistic approach at laying the foundation for a more resilient and prosperous city in the face of future challenges. This updated Plan also puts Spokane in compliance with State level greenhouse gas reduction requirements. Please click on the image to read the full report. Use the link below to submit feedback.

To learn more about why we need a Sustainability Action Plan watch a 24 minute presentation that will help to answer this question. The video also addresses specific climate projections for the Spokane area, and the thought process that went into the creation of this draft Plan.

To request a member of the SAS at one of your community meetings, email sas@spokanecity.org.

After reviewing the SAP, please submit your feedback to the Sustainability Action Subcommittee (SAS). Your feedback will help guide our revisions and provide City Council guidance on moving Spokane toward a more sustainable future.