EWU plans Eastern Edge event - June 3

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Join interim President Dr. May for an evening of inspiration and celebration.

About this event

Eastern Edge is a series of community forums and roundtable discussions designed to showcase the work of EWU experts who are changing the way we think, learn, and do—both inside and outside the classroom. Eastern Edge EXP will take a more focused approach to cover multidisciplinary and experiential topics with deans, faculty, and students. Join us on June 3 at 6:30 p.m. to learn how Eastern is soaring into the future!

Interim president, Dr. May will highlight key initiatives and share virtual tours of EWU’s latest projects, the Interdisciplinary Science Center and the Catalyst building. An academic showcase will feature deans, faculty and students, followed by a short Q&A. Breakout rooms will follow for regional networking, so you can meet other alumni in your area and share your Eagle pride.

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Academic Showcase:

First Year Experience (University College)

How student projects engaged the community during the pandemic.

  • Hear stories about ways that students intentionally created meaningful Covid-safe connections with others. This ranged from students creating Sunday dinner in the residence halls, inspirational notes in public spaces, or raising more than $1,000 to purchase socks for the homeless.

Experiential Learning (CHSPH)

Experiential Education Minor, the EWU Challenge Course, and Outdoor Recreation Leadership classes.

  • Students who are involved with the Experiential Education Minor and the EWU Challenge Course develop an understanding of experiential education philosophy. They have put this knowledge to good use, while working with more than 13,000 participants on the course since its opening. Outdoor Recreation Leadership classes include extensive field-based learning experiences in wilderness settings.

Joining from the College of Health Science and Public Health:

  • Valerie Davis, Student
  • Moses Jouwsma, Student
  • Matthew Chase, Professor
  • Chris Cindric, Senior Lecturer

The Analytics of Social Issues (COB)

Analytics students working locally and internationally on business and current social issues.

  • Working both locally and internationally on current business and social issues, analytics students have taken their in-program experiential learning well beyond all expectations. This year’s projects include the Social Equity Index and Person-in-Time Count Critical Review—both of which address homelessness in Spokane; a Canadian Time-to-Employment-Churn Prediction that helps the under-banked by providing low interest rate loans as a benefit of their employer, steering them away from predatory lenders; a corporate Management Information Systems overhaul that has a social impact on the community; and a one-week data visualization project for an international editorial client group resulting in publication in the Simulation & Gaming journal.

Joining from the College of Business:

  • Beth Tipton
  • Tarah Moran
  • David Shevchenko
  • Ephrem Glushchenko
  • Zack Spencer
  • Ethan Chamberlin
  • Cade Jurgensen

Socio Emotional Learning (CSS)

The benefits of Socio Emotional Learning for our community.

  • Faculty from the Departments of Education and Psychology are collaborating to offer a Roadmap to Reopening Eastern Washington through Social Emotional Learning (SEL), funded by the EWU Foundation. Carissa Gran, Suzie Henning, and Susan Ruby will provide a brief overview of SEL and will highlight their plans to offer certificates in SEL for Equitable Education next year. The certificate programs will prepare future and current educators, administrators, and related service personnel (social workers, counselors, school psychologists, nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists) to explicitly teach and infuse SEL across differing levels of need within K-12 schools and related settings.

Joining from the College of Social Sciences:

  • Melody Marlow, School Psychology Ed.S. Student
  • Carissa Gran, Lecturer
  • Suzie Henning, Assistant Professor
  • Susan Ruby, Professor and Director of School Psychology Ed.S. Hybrid Program

Prairie Restoration Project (CSTEM)

Connecting with our roots: the Prairie Restoration Project.

  • The Prairie Restoration Project will restore a 120-acre parcel of university-owned land to its native habitat, thus creating a “living laboratory” of restored Palouse prairie proximate to the Cheney campus. Together with the Spokane and other local tribes — Native peoples who for millennia called these bounteous hills home — we will connect with the land and learn from it. The project will provide a unique educational and recreational space, one that connects visitors to a long-lost landscape. It will also advance multidisciplinary research and experiential learning opportunities, creating a model for boosting regional biodiversity.

Virtual Reality for the Arts (CALE)

A virtual reality for music and theatre, pivoting during Covid.

  • The spring play, Songs for a New World, combines the talents of music and theatre at EWU, with a moving collection of powerful songs that examine life, love and the choices we make. These performances were all delivered in the virtual, online environment, while maintaining the level of engagement and entertainment of a traditional in-person production.

Joining from the College of Arts, Letters & Education

  • Sara Goff, Chair of Theatre and Film
  • Jeff Sanders, Director of Songs for a New World
  • Elaina De Jong, Theatre Student
  • Grace Nall, Music Student