#FuelingInnovation - Sparks Weekend - Nov 5-7 at Catalyst

Friday, November 5, 2021

About Sparks Weekend

Your future business starts here.

Sparks Weekend is a three day event where entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, engineers, designers and marketers collide. The purpose of this event is to collaborate with other participants to build the foundation for a business over the course of a weekend.


The event starts with a rapid fire session of 60 second elevator pitches where participants who have business ideas pitch to the attendees. After pitches are given the business concepts will be voted on by all participants and the 10 top ideas will move on to recruit their team.


During a brief networking event, the innovators who's Ideas were selected will find participants with complementary skill sets to join their team. Designated work areas will be selected for each team to use as their headquarters throughout the weekend.


What happens next is where the real magic happens and "sparks fly". From Friday evening through Sunday at 4pm there will be a mad dash as the teams try to prove their business concept, develop their minimum viable product (MVP) and potentially even sign up their first customers or early adopters. Select mentors will be assigned to teams to help guide teams through the process.


A refined business plan and weekend accomplishments will be presented on Sunday evening to a panel of judges. Three winners will be selected. The first place winner of Sparks Weekend will receive a $50,000 investment -- subject to final due diligence and agreement on investment terms.


Sparks Weekend is an "all inclusive" event. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all be provided to all participants.


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