Whitworth University Lindaman Lecture by Dr. Jonathan Moo - April 26

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

“Why Virtuous People Won’t Save the Earth”
Jonathan Moo, Ph.D.

Christian virtue ethics would seem to have the potential to inspire the sort of humility, self-restraint, and love necessary for living within planetary limits, while avoiding some of the polarizing debates that often prevent meaningful action. But in practice virtue ethics is of little value for preventing ecological collapse and climate crisis unless it is situated within a wider narrative of ecological flourishing that includes human beings as belonging to the earth and acknowledges the distinctive value of the non-human. This talk explores the role of limits and virtue in environmental ethics and considers the potential but also the pitfalls of a biblically-informed Christian virtue ethics.

Location Weyerhaeuser Hall 107

Time 7:00 PM

Jonathan Moo is Lindaman Chair and Professor of the New Testament and Environm