Saranac Art Projects April Gallery Exhibition - through April 29

Friday, April 29, 2022


The SAP April Gallery Show is just around the corner. It's going to be fantastic. Hope to see you there. Here are the details:

Dates:            Friday, April 1 – Friday, April 30, 2022          

                        OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 1, 5-8pm

                        CLOSING RECEPTION: Friday, April 29, 5-8pm

                        ARTIST TALK: Friday, April 29, 6pm

Hours:             The gallery is open to the public: Fridays, 12-8pm, & Saturdays, 12-8pm

 Artists:            Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present Mary Farrell Reinaldo Gil Zambrano.




Mary Farrell - Passages   

A series of prints by Mary Farrell exploring moments of passage.

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano – Spokane Print Fest Presents: The Siete Printers

Organized by Benjamin Muñoz, Siete Printers is a group of internationally recognized printmakers specializing in relief, serigraphy, and intaglio printmaking with diverse applications in various urban environments. Siete Printers is composed of artists: Kill Joy, Marco Sanchez, Omar Gonzales, Pavel Acevedo, Benjamin Muñoz, Lars Roeder, and Reinaldo Gil Zambrano. This exhibition is a sample of their work as visiting artists for the annual Spokane Print Fest during the month of April. 


Visit: for more information about the artist's workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and wheat pasting murals.


Printmaking is the activity or pursuit of making pictures and designs by printing them from unique hand-crafted matrixes.



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