WSU adds to existing study abroad opportunities

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Washington State University’s International Programs and Global Learning offices increased education abroad opportunities for WSU students recently by signing bilateral exchange agreements with seven universities. Students can now apply to programs in additional locations in the Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Chile, and India. 

WSU now offers bilateral exchange opportunities to 40 universities across six continents. 

Bilateral partnerships run on 1-to-1 agreements, meaning for each WSU student accepted abroad, Pullman’s campus hosts a foreign student in return.   

“The exchange helps not only the student travelers, but the Cougs living in Pullman as well. Having international students from a variety of regions around the world can help expand the student experience both inside and outside the classroom,” said Kelly Newlon, director of Global Learning. “For example, this spring we have an indoor rec soccer team of exchange students playing against other Cougs!” 

Direct swaps create financial accessibility, too. “In terms of price, bilateral agreements are cost-effective because students pay the in-state rate to WSU, plus housing and airfare,” Newlon said. The partnerships ensure that whether studying at the University of Jindal (India), Aarhus (Denmark), or any of the other 38 institutions, student tuition remains at WSU’s rate. 

“Exchange programs are amazing opportunities for students. Their tuition remains the same and they get to live like a local in a foreign country,” exchange coordinator Jaynie Cheng said. “Students will gain independence living in Pullman, Vancouver, or any other city, but gaining independence in Barcelona for an equal rate is priceless.” 

While exchanges remain WSU’s most cost-effective and competitive study abroad offering, the Global Learning office and its partners facilitate opportunities in over 70 countries worldwide. 

Photo: India's O.P. Jindal Global University is one of several universities that offers bilateral exchange opportunities for WSU students seeking to study abroad.