Saranac Art Projects June Exhibition - ends June 25

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Dates:            Friday, June 3 – Saturday, June 25, 2022 | OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, June 3, 5-8pm  |   ARTIST TALK: Saturday, June 25, 4-5pm

Hours:             The gallery is open to the public: Fridays, 12-8pm, & Saturdays, 12-8pm

Artists:            Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present Josh Hobson Silly Heart art collective.


Josh Hobson – Almost A Mirror   

Almost A Mirror features new photographic works from lens-based artist Josh Hobson. These works demonstrate a wide variety of approaches to image making and include analog, digital and hybrid processes. Josh's practice is broadly engaged with an analysis of, and experimentation with the fundamental attributes of the medium of photography. Through material engagement, his works explore elements such as frame, plane, the behavior of light and the nature of the representative image. The ontology of photography is of particular interest and many works aim to illuminate the origin and embedded ideologies of images through specific process-oriented actions. Josh works in modes of abstraction, collage, assemblage, appropriation, and straight photography, often bringing multiple approaches to bear in the production of a single work.

Silly Heart art collective – Backwards Puzzle

Artists Posie and Avalon Kalin will exhibit works of art from their current collaborative arts project with their two daughters Lumina and Calliope. Together they make up Silly Heart, a “family art collective”. Backwards Puzzle consists of a series of posters and paintings created by this collective. Silly Heart finds the intersection of professional art practice and authentic creative intuition to be at the heart of their curiosity.


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