City of Spokane Division Street Corridor Plan

Saturday, January 1, 2011

City web page.

The project runs from I-90 to Sharp and includes Division as well as both Browne and Ruby. The east-west cross roads from I-90 to Sharp are also includes, see the attached map for further details.

The Division Street Gateway project will identify needed streetscape improvements as well as motor transportation improvements throughout the corridor to provide not only “entrance” statements into the downtown, but strong linkages that provide east-west access between the Downtown and the University District. Improvements to this transportation corridor are intended to enhance Spokane's visual image and be a safe and effective transportation corridor for all modes.

This project will also need to address any State requirements for Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Vehicle Miles Traveled targets. The project is scheduled to be under contract by the first quarter of 2011. It will include two phases, a scoping and design phase. Under the scoping phase, public input will be sought to ensure the design reflects the community's vision. It is the City's intent to place this project in the best position to be eligible for future funding opportunities for construction.

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