Community Building Campus

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Social innovator Jim Sheehan, alongside local citizens and community leaders, has spent two decades leveraging an unexpected inheritance to build community. Six buildings along the east end Main Avenue, sometimes referred to collectively as the Community Building Campus, are more than brick and mortar structures; they form something of a hub for a continually-evolving community. These Campus buildings create a vibrant neighborhood with community services, cool things to buy, good food to eat, delicious drinks to enjoy, and plenty of opportunities to feel good vibes.

Community Building + Annex

The Community Building is the granddaddy of the lot; it is the original home of the Center for Justice and a pioneer restoration project on Main Avenue. It provides beautiful, affordable office and gathering spaces to local nonprofits and serves as hub for community action.

Saranac Building + Saranac Pub

The old Saranac Hotel provides more affordable office and gathering spaces for nonprofit and businesses alike and operates on some of the cleanest and greenest technologies in the Inland Northwest.

Main Market Co-op

The member-owned Main Market Co-op benefits Spokane's people, environment, and robust local food system.

Saranac Commons

The Saranac Commons is an open-concept food and retail accelerator with informal meeting, gathering, and study spaces for public use.